Building A New World With Antimicrobial Surfaces

SINTX Technologies - 2 min read

  • A new type of coating can kill viruses and bacteria on any surface within 1 minute
  • The coatings key ingredient is silicone nitrate, which has strong antimicrobial properties
  • SINTX Technologies filled a patent last year covering the use of silicon nitrate in coatings or slurries
  • Silicon nitrate virus inactivation backed by multiple studies

Surfaces treated with silicon nitrate by SINTX have been tested against strains of major pathogenic viruses with very positive results.

The findings are backed by a number of studies including one published in The Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. The study (“3D-additive deposition of an antibacterial and osteogenic silicon nitride coating on orthopaedic titanium substrate“) uses an example of a non silicon nitrate coated surface (a) vs a coated surface (b) to illustrate the growth of E. coli.

The coating is currently used in artificial bone replacements by SINTX but the scope of silicon nitrate may be much larger, as confirmed by comments from the company and their recent patent filling.

SINTX recently stated they are testing exactly how effective silicon nitrate is against COVID-19, and they are in talks with federal funding bodies to speed up their production timeline.

“Remarkably, we found inactivation of all three viral strains as early as one minute after exposure to silicon nitride.

The primary mechanism of inactivation appears to be RNA cleavage and fragmentation induced by specific, off-stoichiometric chemical reactions, and by the release of reactive nitrogen species on the surface of our material.”

Dr. Sonny Bal – CEO, SINTX Technologies

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