Purifying The Blood Of 1,000 ICU Patients In World’s Largest ICU Trial

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  • CytoSorb, a blood purification device will be used to control severe inflammation in up to 1,000 ICU patients
  • The device works to treat the COVID-19 induced cytokine storm that results in life-threatening complications.
  • A recent study showed the use of CytoSorb resulted in 100% survival vs. 57% mortality rate in the control group.
  • Trial expanded based on initial success, no other COVID-19 trial of its type has seen so many patients enrolled (NCT04391920).
  • Additional information on the trial is yet to be announced by CytoSorbents.

The problem of cytokine storm and organ failure is not unique to COVID-19. Sepsis, our core market, accounts for 1 in every 5 deaths worldwide each year.

Our goal is to make physicians aware of CytoSorb as a potential treatment option to help treat patients suffering from these deadly complications of severe COVID-19 infection, with the goal of speeding recovery, reducing the burden on ICUs, and saving lives.”

Dr. Phillip Chan, MD, PhD – CEO, CytoSorbents

CytoSorb has been used in critically-ill and cardiac surgery patients in more than 80,000 human treatments abroad, to help treat the same complications seen in COVID-19 patients such as lung failure, shock, and multi-organ failure. 

With CRRT, and in many cases ECMO, being standard in ICUs worldwide, CytoSorb can be easily implemented with minimal training.  More than 200 COVID-19 patients have been treated with CytoSorb outside the U.S., resulting in the inclusion of CytoSorb into the COVID-19 treatment guidelines in Italy, Panama, and China.

BARDA has recently been highlighting how important the focus on sepsis should be in relation to COVID-19 via Twitter

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